Alex Vasilchenko

Hi guys! We are still in proses of becoming strong and healthy ICCYouthClub. I am so exited because we are doing great so far.
I know that Holy Spirit comes and does his work. All we have to do is to catch the wave and not creating it by our selves. We were talking about the Calumbine tragedy and I was deeply moved by that story.
I like the part about the picture with the rose and tears on it. That was prophetic and very awesome. What parts of the video you guys found touching? Lets talk about it. What do you guys think? Is there a part from the video Calumbine that you find interesting? Tell us by writing something.


In Search of Meaning …

It’s hard to leave a topic such as love, because I think everything is so connected and revolves around love, almost any topic we take is somehow connected. After thinking and praying about our next turn, we agreed to shift to a new topic – “In Search of Meaning.” Many of you might have guessed that love and meaning somehow collide, that is why we cannot completely leave our love diary, but instead we’re only making a turn. Looking at our lives, as well as others we tried to find out how to “squeeze the most meaning out of our life.” This time we looked at the first seven chapter of Ecclisiastes and saw Solomons frustration with life. Throughout the first few chapters Solomon reapeatedly tells us that “everything is meaningless.” In the very end however he tells us that there is a way to live a meaningful life, and that way is what we’re searching for, and will be searching for the next few weeks. This last Friday we only tried to introduce the topic and to ponder with questions, thus we have not gone anywhere yet.

Wrapping up our “Love Diary”

Yesterday, Friday, July 16th, we concluded our love diary between us and God. For the last month we’ve talked about the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Pearl in the Field, Miracles, and other topics which centered on our love towards others, God’s love towards us, and our love towards ourselves. Yesterday we watched an inspiring story about a 17 year old girl who lived out everything we’ve talked about, who witnessed about Jesus and his love to kids in her class, and eventually lost her life for this. Her name was Racheal Joy Scott, and if’ you’ve missed yesterday’s service than you can borrow the DVD from Dima, it’s a real life changer.