Benny Hinn Trip 2010

It is the first time ever that me and my sister Lily decided to organize a trip somewhere this far and somewhat this expensive. The cost of the trip was estimated to be $350, the drive 4.5 hours. Well in reality the cost was somewhere close to $500, and the drive turned out to be about 8 hours each way, not half bad for our estimation is it? Well actually it is half bad. Because of my crazy schedule, I never got a chance to call and write down everyone that was interested to come with us, well the bigger mistake was that we didn’t take the money from anyone until the very morning we had to leave, and thus we really had no idea who will and will not come. Short story long, we left out some people that we promised to take, just because we forgot, since we didn’t write down everything on a paper. Ok so here is the big point about this trip. Have you ever went somewhere with a group of people and the person in charge was mean and yelling, and frustrated, and not sensitive? Well guess what, I’ve always met those kind of leaders and I hated them. Little did I know is that I would turn out to be much more worse than any of the ones that I’ve ever had in my life. Throughout most of the trip I was angry at my sister, because she assumed I’m too weak, and too dumb to be in charge. I was constantly worried about the extra costs that we could encounter, and we did. The truth is, the only thing I was supposed to be pissed off was my attitude, especially towards my sister. I realized that and wanted to tell the whole world that, especially to my sister, I wanted to say “Lily, I am an idiot, I have issues, I am too proud to tell you this, the only one I have problems with is myself, my attitude ….” Alright, lesson learned, enough of the junky attitude, let’s get down to something positive.

We finally made it to the hotel, though everyone was really exausted, especially me, the girls, and oh well everyone I guess. It’s interesting but the nicest person I remember was Peter, he was so chill, and so cool about everything. He was always happy, energetic, smiling, I guess everything I wanted to be. Blah, blah, blah, we’re at the first evening service. Basically to make it short Benny talked about Jesus being the only way, the truth, and the life. What touched me was that his message was so simple yet so profound. I almost cried when he said “come to me all who are weary.” That was just what I needed to hear, I was tired, I was mad at myself, in other words I was very very WEARY, and I needed Jesus more than anyone else at that point.
Sleep. Wake up. Day two, it’s about 8am. Breakfast? Maybe, but with a rip off! Ok, let’s fast forward until the morning service. What I’ve got from it was that you need to respect your parents, be there for your boss (whoever it may be), and honor God in everything you do. Good stuff.

Walk around the city of Philadelphia. Everyone’s tired, well me at least. Last service, the Friday night service. This one I completely skipped cuz I was busy becoming friends with an awesome police officer. He was a great guy, worked as an officer for 32 years in Philadelphia. Went to Temple College in Philadelphia. I heard Benny was crying during this service.

Here comes the fun part, which is us driving back. While everyone is stuck for like an hour, Peter puts on loud music in the garage, we love it. Everyone turns around and goes the reverse way, and we finally get out of that garage. We miss an exit that would have taken us home through the high way, and so we ended up taking some city road, while the other car takes the real highway. We needed gas and bathroom so we stopped at some creepy gas station. There were two muslim dudes, who barely spoke Enlish it seemed, they looked at us really really creepy, we though we were doomed. We survived and nobody murdered us at the gas station, so we stopped by DD’s down the road. DD’s had another muslim person taking our order, it felt like we were in a muslim city. Then one more gas station to buy some energy shot, which helped me for like two hours. Few more gas station, and we finally got home, almost an hour later than the Lexus, what a bummer, oh well our ride was more adventurous.

Conclusion: The crusade was great. The trip was worth it. The cost was worth it. I realized I need help with my attitude, and this trip helped me realize that.