if you feel like no one cares about you, go talk to the lonely and rejected like Mother Theressa did, you’ll find happiness and joy

Is there really no purpose left when people ignore you? I mean they don’t seem to care about you as much as you want them to? Is this why some develop various addictions? Is there really not a single person in your circle who does care how you feel? I bet there is! I bet the whole state of my feelings is not completely truthful, otherwise I wouldn’t feel depressed. First of all why am I the one who should be pitied in the first place? I just walked into my sister and was expecting her to pity me cuz someone, well apparently no one likes me. Is this why Mother Theressa chose to live among the dying rejects? Is this the answer to our “depression?” If you feel like nobody loves you or cares about you than go find dying rejects, and you’ll see how much they care about you and love you, and you’ll realize that in fact you are the careless one. “I was sad, until I saw you,” said this one old guy to a young girl in front of me just now. He’s a joker alright. But I see something in that joke, in fact I see the answer: If there is anyone in this world whom you might bring a drop of joy, happiness, or a smile than there is still greater purpose in my life than being depressed for one more moment 🙂

– Dima