Summer camp with your small group.

Where did I buy that National Geographic magazine? Oh yes, I think I remember now, it was the Wholefoods store in Amherst, back when I had lots of “money.” I bought it because of it’s name – America’s National Parks. It has ten best National Parks in the U.S., and that is just what I needed. I always wanted to figure out the best camping spot for myself, my family, and our youth group. That same week I found out that Katie goes to Acadia with her family every year, at least before they stopped going many years ago. Acadia was one of the best parks in my magazine! I was really excited because I really liked the pictures of Acadia, and I also really liked Katie. What got me even more excited is that this park was affordable, with $15/night for a camping site that includes 6 people. The only set back was that it was 6 hours away from us, but I still decided give it a shot, especially after me and